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Night Vision

Lens Cover for PVS-14

Lens Cover for PVS-14

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- Precise Fitment: Fits snugly on the end of a PVS-14 objective lens. Specifically, this was tested on a PVS-14 from Steele Industries.

- Two Styles: See the second photo. The Quick Flip version has an extended ledge that can be used to remove the cover and expose the lens quickly. The Original version is more circular and requires more intentional effort to pull off the PVS-14.

- Fully Covers Lens: Protects your lenses from getting scratched when not in use by fully covering them. Also prevents glare caused by the lenses reflecting light.

- Securely Held To PVS-14: Cover is held onto PVS-14 with included shock cord and ranger band. Lens cover snaps on and off with one hand.

- Sacrificial Lens Versions: If you are using a sacrificial lens, I can instead create a version that fits over that. You will need to use calipers to measure the diameter to the nearest hundredth of an inch and email it to me at

- Original Design: 1500+ products designed and 3D printed in the heart of America in St Louis, Missouri by Hammy3DPrints.


MATERIAL: 3D printed using PLA+ filament.

WARRANTY: If this item breaks I will make any design adjustments, if needed, and send a replacement for free.

Made in USA.

Please note that the products may have slight imperfections as 3D Printing is rarely perfect. The exact product you receive may also slightly vary from the product photos as I iterate and improve upon designs based on user feedback.


FDM 3D-Printed with PLA+ filament (unless otherwise specified).

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$5 flat shipping. Orders over $50 ship free.

Returns accept within 30 days.


If the item breaks for any reason, reach out to me at and I well get a replacement or refund sent to you ASAP.

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Imported From Etsy

Great product, great idea. Bought 3

Imported From Etsy

Good quality item, works for a variety of lights.

Imported From Etsy

Haven't even tried out the product yet but it had a red starburst in the package so its already a W