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Light / Lens Cover for Weapon-Mounted Flashlights

Light / Lens Cover for Weapon-Mounted Flashlights

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- Material Type: The standard PLA+ version has thousands sold and is great for most use cases. When heat resistance is essential, such as if your light head is immediately next to your silencer or muzzle device and you love mag dumping into trash, the PETG Carbon Fiber (PETG-CF) option would be better.

- Precise Fitment: Each light cover is sized specifically for each light model, within a few hundredths of an inch. This minimizes light bleed and wiggling compared to Small/Medium/Large type generalized sizing.

- Two Styles: See the second photo. The Quick Flip version has an extended ledge that can be used to remove the cover and expose the light lens quickly. The Original version is more circular and requires more intentional effort to pull off the flashlight head.

- Fully Covers Lens: Prevents glare and negligent discharges from immediately giving away your location by fully covering the lens. Also covers the lens from soot / carbon buildup from shooting.

- Shock Cord vs Tip Grip: Cover is held onto light head with included shock cord and ranger band, or shock cord and printed clamp called the Tip Grip. The Tip Grip removes the need to run the shock cord back to the light mount, instead everything is contained on the head itself for easy battery changes. The Tip Grip is also compatible with other light covers if you have one from another brand.

- More Versions Available Upon Request: I can create additional light covers if you have calipers and can provide the diameter of the head of the light you want a cover for.

- Original Design: 1700+ products designed and 3D printed in the heart of America in St Louis, Missouri by Hammy3DPrints.


The Tip Grip is available by itself here:

Lens covers for scopes are available here:



Covers available for:

Viking, OWL, Rein 1.0, Rein 2.0, Rein 3.0, CWL-202, FL 11 / 14 / 17, WML Gen2, E1HT / E2HT, E2XT / E2XTL, OKW / PLHv2, Odin / Odin Mini, HLX / HLX Pro, Protac Rail Mount 1, Protac Rail Mount 2, Protac 2 Rail Mount, 951, 952V, KM3, TLR2, Vampire KM1-E / KM2-C, M300, M340, M600, M640, Turbo, X300, X300U, X300V, X300T, 7019M, WL25, and more!


Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the light manufacturers. These light covers are made solely by Hammy3DPrints.


MATERIAL: 3D printed using PLA+ filament or PETG-CF, depending on the selected option.

WARRANTY: If this item breaks I will make any design adjustments, if needed, and send a replacement for free.

Made in USA.

Please note that the products may have slight imperfections as 3D Printing is rarely perfect. The exact product you receive may also slightly vary from the product photos as I iterate and improve upon designs based on user feedback.


FDM 3D-Printed with PLA+ filament (unless otherwise specified).

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$5 flat shipping. Orders over $50 ship free.

Returns accept within 30 days.


If the item breaks for any reason, reach out to me at and I well get a replacement or refund sent to you ASAP.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Another great product from Hammy

Perfect fit

Ulysses D.
Best alternative...

If you value function over brand hype, then go with these over the name brand ones. These work as good, at half the price. Fitted all my wml's with one.

Justin R.

Saw one of these at a training I went to and it works wonders.

Imported From Etsy

Does exactly what I paid for and at a great price! Will buy again!

Imported From Etsy

Outstanding product and well worth the money! Look no further!

Lee D.
Surefire turbo and streamlight rm1

Surefire cover works and fits perfectly! Flips on and off easily and blocks lense nicely. I also bought one listed as fitting a streamlight rm2 to use on an rm1. It fits great! I just used the shock cord retainer. I don't think the tip grip would work on the rm1 because of the small head. Definitely happy with my purchases!


Have had this on my 11.5 for many moons, ended up upgrading to the tip grip once that was released since I liked it so much. Will go on every rifle I own with a light. For context, I’m running the non-CF material & it hasn’t skipped a beat whether it’s suppressed, blasted by a brake or being thrown across the flat range to make my friends laugh. Would recommend this to anyone that has a rifle light.

Everything I wanted

I bought two light caps and both fit/work perfectly. It wasn't too hard to install them and the quick flip makes it so easy to manipulate. Also, I was surprised how effective they are at blocking the light in case the flashlights turned on while covered. Beyond all of this I am supremely pleased with the price. They are easily half the price of competitor products.

Imported From Etsy

best purchase ive had on etsy! will buy from him again if i need something!