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Light / Lens Cover for Flashlights

Light / Lens Cover for Flashlights

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- Precise Fitment: Various versions are available for great fitment on different light heads. A small ranger band and shock cord are included in the package.

- Two Styles: See the second photo. The Quick Flip version has an extended ledge that can be used to remove the cover and expose the light lens quickly. The Original version is more circular and requires more intentional effort to pull off the flashlight head.

- Fully Covers Lens: Prevents glare and negligent discharges from immediately giving away your location by fully covering the lens.

- Securely Held To Light Head: Cover is held onto light head with included shock cord and ranger band. Light cover snaps on and off with one hand.

- More Versions Available Upon Request: I can create additional light covers if you have calipers and can provide the diameter of the head of the light you want a cover for.

- Original Design: 1000+ products designed and 3D printed in the heart of America in St Louis, Missouri by Hammy3DPrints.

Lens covers for scopes are available here:



Covers available for:

Viking, OWL, Rein 1.0, Rein 2.0, Rein 3.0, CWL-202, FL 11 / 14 / 17, WML Gen2, E1HT / E2HT, E2XT / E2XTL, OKW / PLHv2, Odin / Odin Mini, HLX / HLX Pro, Protac Rail Mount 1, Protac Rail Mount 2, Protac 2 Rail Mount, 951, 952V, KM3, TLR2, Vampire KM1-E / KM2-C, M300, M340, M600, M640, Turbo, X300, X300U, X300V, X300T, 7019M, WL25

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the light manufacturers. These light covers are made solely by Hammy3DPrints.

MATERIAL: 3D printed using PLA+ filament.

WARRANTY: If this item breaks I will make any design adjustments, if needed, and send a replacement for free.

Made in USA.

Please note that the products may have slight imperfections as 3D Printing is rarely perfect. The exact product you receive may also slightly vary from the product photos as I iterate and improve upon designs based on user feedback.


FDM 3D-Printed with PLA+ filament (unless otherwise specified).

Shipping & Returns

Most items ship within 2-5 days. Larger orders may take longer to ship.

$4 flat shipping. Orders over $35 ship free.

Returns accept within 30 days.


If the item breaks for any reason, reach out to me at and I well get a replacement or refund sent to you ASAP.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Lee P.
Awesome products

Awesome products timing of package was amazing. Had just returned home from having surgery. Fit quality was amazing. We are currently also working to get a TLR-2 cap I sent in the wrong measurements the 1st time. All on me.

Scott A.
Light cap perfection

I bought two different caps. One for a Streamlight HLX and one for a Modlite OKW. Both fit to absolute perfection and the lip makes for easy flip off. Reasonably priced, multiple color options, and very fast shipping. Will absolutely be a return customer


This light cover is very well made and will certainly serve its purpose. Just as good- if not better than the other higher priced light caps on the market. I recommend you try it out for yourself. \n\n(I broke the ranger band right out of the gate- trying to stretch it over the fat end of my stream light.. I used a zip tie in its place, and it works well. )

Imported From Etsy

I have ordered from Hammy 3D Prints 2 times and this last order had 3 weapon light covers. The quality and fit is great especially for the price. Hammy 3D Prints is a company that I will always recommend.

Worked well.

The only issue I have is the PLA is highly reflective to inferred. Also light sources. Mostly because of the texture. But cool piece of kit.

Outstanding customer service

Immediately after giving a review, and addressing some issues I had, Mathew and the team immediately reached out to me to resolve any problems I had. They immediately responded and helped me fix any issues I had without any additional charges. Thank you guys so much for your awesome work.

Awesome product

Ordered covers for 2 weapon systems. Both covers fit very well and work exactly as I wanted. Very good design and solid piece of.gear. (streamlight protac/standard cap)

Great price point solution

We frequently use our ARs in very dust conditions as we travel properties in open side by sides. The glass should obviously be dust free to be effective. The quick deployment caps remain secure and quiet, in either position on the optic.
We love them!

Trey P.
Perfect fit and outstanding customer service!!!

The owner Matthew worked with me to make a cover for my light as they didn’t sell one to fit my light, I contacted them and sent the measurements I required and he sent me an absolute gem of a light cover. I recommend them to everyone I can and they are cheaper and better made than other companies offering the same kind of product. As for the cover there is no wiggle between the light and the cover and literally zero light bleed from the sides of the cover, it couldn’t serve my needs any better, I mean a fantastic product, a perfect fit and amazing service, what’s not to love!