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Mount for AR 15 Pmag Mags - Magnetic | Magazine Holder Storage Rack

Mount for AR 15 Pmag Mags - Magnetic | Magazine Holder Storage Rack

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- Simple, Secure Mounting: Mount uses rare earth neodymium magnets to hold magazines to magnetic surfaces, such as safes. The unloaded mag version uses fewer mags and anti-slip tape to support unloaded mags.  The loaded mag version uses extra magnets to hold loaded mags.

- Low Profile, Sleek Design: Proudly display your collection and make your mags easy to access. The mount sits flush with your safe / metal wall / fridge / etc. and holds the mags for easy retrieval.

- Easy Install: Simply place the mount on the magnetic surface. To rearrange, slide the mount around. When removing the mount, is it typically preferable to tilt the front of the mount down to break magnetic contact with the magnetic surface.

- Perfect Fitment: Designed specifically for AR15 223/5.56/300 M2/M3 Pmag magazines. Also works with other mags with a baseplate wider than the mag body, such as Amend2 and HexMags. Mounts for nearly 100 other mag types are also available.

- Original, Innovative Design: 1000+ products designed and 3D printed in the heart of America in St Louis, Missouri by Hammy3DPrints


Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by Magpul. It is solely designed and produced by Hammy3DPrints.


MATERIAL: 3D printed using PLA+ filament.

INSTALLATION: Mounts to magnetic surfaces, such as safes. Ensure your safe or other surface is magnetic before ordering.

WARRANTY: If this item breaks I will make any design adjustments, if needed, and send a replacement for free.

Made in USA.

Please note that the products may have slight imperfections as 3D Printing is rarely perfect. The exact product you receive may also slightly vary from the product photos as I iterate and improve upon designs based on user feedback.


FDM 3D-Printed with PLA+ filament (unless otherwise specified).

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$5 flat shipping. Orders over $50 ship free.

Returns accept within 30 days.


If the item breaks for any reason, reach out to me at and I well get a replacement or refund sent to you ASAP.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Another great mag holder from Hammy

I have a few of these Pmag holders and all work great.

Imported From Etsy

I was happy to find these mag holders especially with magnets. I torn out all the thin ugly felt inside my safe and had bare metal. These work as intended inside and outside the safe, holding 5 empty mags no problem. I did test with full mags and i found the limit on a 30 round mag is 2. While 3 full mags will stay up, it seems too unstable and with the slightest downward pressure they fall. However, they do sell the 4 mag holder that can handle up to 4 full mags. These holders were designed to only hold empty and they work perfectly.

Imported From Etsy

The mag mount is sturdy and good quality. Magnets are heavy duty. Works well.

Imported From Etsy

I got two of these magnetic Pmag holders and they work great. I'd say though, if you plan on attaching them to a safe door thats lined with felt buy the holders that are designed to hold loaded mags. Other then that they are plenty strong for holding unloaded Pmags when attached to raw metal. My Lancer Mags fit decently as well.

My shipping was fast, I reached out to the shop with questions and they were answered quickly. I bought other items as well. All worked out great. 5 stars and I already placed another order.

Imported from Etsy

Imported from Etsy

Imported from Etsy

Works as advertised and mags fit snug, but not too tight. Well packaged in box and sturdy.

Great product

Just got it and love it. Works great and well made. Will be ordering more.

Brett R.
Plastic Mag holder (blue) with magnets

This holds the mags perfectly and the magnets work perfect too! Would recommend.


great product! does what it says and magnets hold very well.