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Magwell Mount for Benelli Super Black Eagle - Pegboard / IKEA Skadis / Wall Control / Vaultek | Shotgun Holder Storage Rack

Magwell Mount for Benelli Super Black Eagle - Pegboard / IKEA Skadis / Wall Control / Vaultek | Shotgun Holder Storage Rack

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- Simple, Secure Mounting: Attaches to pegboard via hooks on the back of the mount. Heavy duty mount holds firearm with ease. The non-metal and metal pegboard versions use included metal hooks which should be installed onto the pegboard first, then slide the mount onto the hooks.

- Wide Pegboard Compatibility: Variations available for Non-Metal Pegboard (composite, wood, plastic, etc.), Wall Control / Gun Pegboard, Heavyweight Diamond Plate Steel Pegboard, IKEA Skadis, Vaultek, Secure Wall, Squarelok, and Peglock. The Inline Version is available for Non-metal, Wall Control/Gun Pegboard, IKEA Skadis, and Vaultek only.

- Low Profile, Sleek Design: Proudly display your collection and make your firearm easy to access. The mount sits flush with the pegboard and holds the firearm for easy retrieval.

- Perfect Fitment: Works with a Benelli Super Black Eagle Gen 1 12 gauge shotgun. This may also work on a Super Black Eagle 2 or 3, but this has not been tested. Insert the longer section into the magazine tube first, then let the small lip catch the rear of the loading area to lock the shotgun into place. This mount latches onto the mag catch/release which must be activated to remove the firearm from the mount. The Inline Vertical version holds the firearm perpendicular to the mounting surface to allow for high-density storage.

- Original, Innovative Design: 1000+ products designed and 3D printed in the heart of America in St Louis, Missouri by Hammy3DPrints.

Note: This has been tested by a friend, but I don't own a Benelli Super Black Eagle to take pictures with.

The non-metal and metal pegboard designs are based around standard pegboard with 1/4" holes spaced 1" apart.

Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by Wall Control or Gun Pegboard or IKEA or Vaultek or Lockdown or Peglock or Benelli. It is solely designed and produced by Hammy3DPrints.

MATERIAL: 3D printed using PLA+ filament.


WARRANTY: If this item breaks I will make any design adjustments, if needed, and send a replacement for free.

Made in USA.

Please note that the products may have slight imperfections as 3D Printing is rarely perfect. The exact product you receive may also slightly vary from the product photos as I iterate and improve upon designs based on user feedback.


FDM 3D-Printed with PLA+ filament (unless otherwise specified).

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