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AK Wall Mount

Purchased multiple sizes of these as well as other mag calibers for a storage cabinet. They did the job perfectly in getting things organized and easier to access. These are quality mounts that are lightweight but extremely strong and had no issues securing loaded 30-40 round AK mags. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase and making another order soon.

Simple and effective.

Love this Mag holder, currently have Magpul Pmags hanging on it. One thing II did do was drill two small holes and attached it to wall using screws. The 3M Velcro attachment backers supplied with it I'm sure would be perfectly ok. I just wanted a little extra strength as I hang my Mags loaded.

Great Tool

I bought 3 of these and everyone works outstanding. I never feel like i will hurt the baffles no matter how hard a hammer on them.

Works Like a Champ

Like the title says it does work like a champ. It is so simple to use.

Octane45 2.0.

Alignment tool works perfectly . Tool is well made and will last a lifetime for what it is and used for. Thanks for coming up with the idea and selling it.


These rife rest are great. It’s hard to find a rest that allows for larger optics. I own 3 now and all work great!


I have about a half dozen of these magnetic magazine holders for various types of magazines. They work great and look good as well. Always satisfied with my hammy purchases.

Perfect! Just what I was looking for.

Received in a few days. I love it! Seems like a quality product at a great price. Nice display. Perfect fit. Would recommend. Thanks

Great mount and awesome seller

I had been looking for a good mount for my 10/22. But I didn't won't the regular wall mounts that use two pieces. I found hammy3dprints and he had just what I needed. It's small yet holds the rifle very well. It also arrived very fast. Placed the order and he shipped it the next day and received it the day after that: Very pleased and will be purchasing again some more items for other rifles.

Nice looking and well build

I have the display stand in Grey for my CZ 75 P-01 and it works perfectly. The fit is nice and keeps the gun centered and low center of gravity to keep the stand solid. So glad I invested it this and no more or the gun tipping over.

Worth the money

The product worked just as great as advertised. There’s no more guess work in making sure the baffles are aligned. This is very helpful when putting the suppressor back into the long configuration after unscrewing it to place it in the short configuration.

Couldn’t be happier

Worked perfectly for my AR and VHS-2 (Springfield Hellion).


Worked perfectly for my Bergara 10/22 clone. It’s tilted on the mount but that’s a problem with the folding stock making it unbalanced.

Gear and weapon mounts

All the mounts are the perfect size for my creations.
The weapons and gear mounts are strong and sturdy, easily installed, and fitted perfectly for the make and model. Matthew makes his mounts to be functional and look good. Thanks Hammy

Exactly what i was looking for and couldn't be happier with it.

Finally a wall mount that is functional, sleek and cheap. Installed in less than 5mins, perfect for people that only has a riffle as home defense.

Easy to find

Got the CR123A two battery holder in Orange (easy to find in the dark). Came with a short lanyard too.

Love it

This baffle alignment tool makes reassembly so much easier and hassle free. If you have an oculus you need this. I’m picking up the rest of Hammy’s relevant tools for suppressors. Thanks for making such a great cheap little tool.


This is just what i was looking for hangs right in my office I love it! Got the mini version works prefect!!

Thank you soo much!

Another excellent product experience !

This is one of several of Hammy’s products that I use. This one has hung the AR in a safe but handy location. Works like a champ in the color selection made it easy to decide. Glad that pulled the trigger on this one!

I am in love with these.

Title says it, I love these things. Precise fit for pmags, Gen2’s are nice the Gen 3’s are a little more snug but they still effortlessly slide in and out. I need to buy more of these for a few more pmags I have and a couple for a few hexmags I have. I have no doubt they will all work flawlessly.

Absolutely amazing.

The thing is thick and beefy, holds my belt no problem. Definitely well worth the price and then some. I have no doubt this thing will last me until the end of time, or damn near it.

Works amazingly

Bought one of these in tealish and 2 in od green. 1 for my wife's anniversary gift pistol, and 1 for my 2021-22 deployment commemerative pistol. They are actually pictured on the website now, Thanks hammy3dprints! The 3rd one I bought is used for my dirty ol m17 training pistol. Work good helps organize things well, clears up safe space, and I can store empty weapon boxes elsewhere.

Forgot to add picture on last review

Please see previous review. Will definitely be buying more